Connecting young Christian freshers and graduates together for growth, support and advice.

On 18th August 2017, FOLM launched ‘BIG SIS MINISTRIES’ connecting young christian girls with christiann graduates as a mentoring/coaching program, whilst at university with a sister in Christ!

Each young girl is paired with a ‘big sis’, for the year - someone who can encourage, motivate, pray with, be open with and for spiritual growth.

There will be an opportunity, once every term, for everyone to re-group, to share testimonies, fellowship and set goals for the next term!

If you’re looking to develop your faith during university, looking for a God-fearing older influence, or looking for an opportunity to develop and mentor a young person, this could be for you!



Big sister/mentor: To empower another person by authentically sharing your experiences and resources with transparency.

BSM promotes the importance of regular one-to-one interaction and counsel. 

Our big sisters aren't trained or qualified mentors, but we are trained and qualified in the Lord

God has blessed each and everyone one of our ladies, with the experiences to share, encourage and give godly advice to these young ladies. 

It's not about being the 'perfect' christian in the eyes of the world, but by walking with God and being an example of Christ that you can reflect to your sister in Christ.



BSM has now launched our own Instagram page, so we can connect more directly to Christ-minded groups and organisations like ourselves. We also will use this platform to promote future events and to share what our lovely ladies are getting up to.




As a big sister, big sister ministry has taught me selflessness and encouraged me to lead myself more effectively to be an example to my little sister. I am still learning, but so far it's been an honour to have been surrounded by ladies with a heart for Jesus ❤

Lakiesha Kayoka - Big Sis

BSM has had such a positive impact on my journey through first year. Being able to have someone who will motivate me and encourage my spiritual growth is such a blessing. I’m so happy that I was able to be apart of it!

Joy Ferguson - Lil Sis

From BSM I have learnt that I do not need to have all the answers. What is needed is a desire to grow and a desire for your little sis to grow. Our meetings provide a safe space to reflect, encourage, and stay committed to the goal; always pointing  us back to Jesus the ultimate teacher and mentor.

Zarinna - Big Sis

Gained not only one but many inspiring big sisters💗

Gifty Antwi - Lil Sis

Everyone has a story and experiences worth sharing. Joining BSM has opened me up to the different victories and challenges fellow sisters in Christ face and have faced whilst at university. Supporting an undergraduate and delving back into my own uni experiences has reminded me just how awesome God is. University poses a myriad of successes and struggles- BSM helps undergraduates see God in both! parts.

Nazarene - Big Sis

BSM has made me think about God's purpose for my life, even when I don't always know what it is yet!

Camella Eubanks - Lil Sis



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