Remember your calling because you were born ready!

May 25, 2017

Have you ever said to yourself..
"Once I have enough money I will be ready to start my business" or
"Once I have found the perfect gym I will be ready to start exercising consistently" or
"once I’ve completely finished reading the bible I will be ready to start talking to people about Christ and focus my life on God."?

At some point, we have all made these types of excuses for things we feel like we aren’t ready to do, and have disguised them as being 'logical', but infact it can be a backwards mindset. If you always wait till you completely FEEL ready to do something, you will continue to put it off. Why? Because you are relying on everything but God. The beauty of accomplishments is when you felt inadequate. God uses us in our weaknesses, when we think someone else would better suit the job, when we think we aren’t good enough. With God, we can do it and glorify his name. Don’t wait till you feel ready, do it now because you were born ready!


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