The timing may be uncertain but the triumph is not

May 25, 2017

Comparing your life to other people’s lives, can really bring your spirit down. Sometimes we can’t help but think
"I've worked harder than him/her, so why am I not successful like they are?"
"I studied longer, so why did he/she do better than me?"
"He/she were born into money they don't deserve and I'm here struggling and poor" 
You may become bitter/envious/jealous about other people’s success/happiness/wealth/attractiveness, especially when you always try so hard in everything you do. "Why does life seem so unfair?!!"
Comparing your journey to others is what is unfair. Although you may meet people who are "just like you" or "look like you", there is NO ONE who is YOU! Every day, we must remind ourselves that God has SPECIFICALLY designed us, our lives and our journey. Society will try and pressure us into thinking we are not where we should be or that we're running out of time, but TRUST GOD and remember we are exactly where we are supposed to be. It will all make sense one day.


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