You are more than you think you are.

August 10, 2017




Our youth is the best time for us to be active in our faith. We are old enough to have discernment but still young enough to still impact generations. Don’t let anyone say you are incapable of achieving anything due to your age/youth/inexperience. Don’t doubt yourself because you think you aren’t old enough to make a difference. You are more than enough. As Christians, lets be leaders and lead by example in all aspects of our lives. We are representatives of Christ in everything that we do, and lets show our faith and grace through our actions as well as our speech.


God has given us all special gifts for us to use on this earth. You may not know exactly what it is, but continue to pray for God to reveal it to you. You may know what it is already but be too scared/lazy/shy to embrace it and use it! Don’t let your doubt and fear stop you from being a blessing to others on this Earth. God needs you, and that’s why He created you!



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