Pastors Mission Trip to the Masai Tribe - Kenya and Tanzania

August 21, 2017

I was part of a 3-member team from the US and Britain who travelled to Kenya to minister to the Masai people. The team was headed by one Rev Betty Aworh of Shakeina Ministries, a
Missionary Organisation in the States.(August 13th-18th 2017)


Rev Betty’s missionary organisation is about raising support for Orphanages and outreach to the unreached people groups with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. She has two such Orphanages in Nairobi and Mombassa which she supports financially. We stayed two days in one of the orphanages in Nairobi called ‘The King’s kids Village’

The ages of the children range between 3 years and 18 years. Many of these children’s biological parents died of the Aids virus. Most of the children carry the virus but with medication and
continuous monitoring these children are in good health. There is a school at the centre where the children are taught to read and write. At the moment there are 40 children at the centre under the
leadership and care of Rev John and Molly Stern, an American couple.


Pastor Stern’s parents were missionaries to Kenya and started the Orphanage in 1998. Two years ago pastor Stern’s parents retired after 70 years of missionary service in Africa and handed the operation of the Orphanage to their son and daughter-in-law John and Molly Stern.


Rev Betty raises funds for these Orphanages which includes clothes, food and financial support. She travels to Kenya every year carrying several suitcases of clothes, shoes to the orphans. Her ministry’s passion is to help the many orphans in Kenya and also evangelise the Masai tribe.


The Masai are a nomadic people who move from one place to another on the Masai Mara and Serengati land both in Kenya and Tanzania, to raise their livestock. They are in constant motion
from one place to another in search of pasture and water for their cattle, goats and sheep. The Masai people do not have a lot of personal possessions. Their personal wealth is their livestock.
They live and travel very simple. They are deeply routed in their traditions and not easy to get them converted to the Lord Jesus.
On the other hand, when they become born again, they go all the way for the Lord. They love the LORD. They are passion-driven, dedicated, focused and determined in their service to the LORD.


Rev Betty works Bishop Daniel Manda, a Masai warrior who turned his life to Jesus twenty years ago and began to evangelise his people. He currently has 40 churches in Kenya and Tanzania.
Most of the churches are in bushes under trees with no roof. A few have corrugated iron sheets on them.


Rev Betty carries clothes, shoes and ties to these pastors who are working hard with the bishop to reach out to the people with the gospel. She also raises funds to help the people to provide roofs for their churches.


How many of us know the heartbeat of God? God’s heartbeat is about the lost souls and missions. And having seen the challenges out there, it is my heart desire that you all help me to raise support for the many orphans and people groups who have not much about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.







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