God's promises

October 20, 2017


God has promised us His riches. As Christians we will receive them all, some will differ from others but the blessings will all be from Christ Himself. They will be given to us liberally - in large and generous amounts! Believe and trust this with you heart, confess it to your life, speak it into existence and it will come to pass, because this is God's word.

We all have things we are praying for and WE have an idea when we want this things to happen and manifest. However the answers to our prayers doesn't always come when we want them and expect them to come. 
God is never late and His timing is always perfect! So no matter how long you are waiting, don't think that God has forgotten about you. You have to trust that His answer will come when its supposed to come, and while you at waiting, wait patiently. Don't try to manipulate the situation in your favour, or to use your own will to make it happen. Be unceasing in prayer, expect from the Lord and He will answer your prayers. It will certainly come and it will not delay!


God commands us to love our neighbour. He doesn't just wants us to, or asks us to, He commands us to! This is the second most important commandment other than loving God Himself. God sees your heart, so even if you do things in a loving way for someone to make yourself look good, God can see whether its genuine or not. Let's support, motivate, comfort, encourage and edify one another, just as God does for us every single day of our lives.



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