Bible Study: Redeeming the time - Colossians 4:5

January 15, 2018

Colossians 4:5

"Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time."


Q. What does Paul say about how we should interact with unbelievers?

  • Be wise in our contact and interactions with unbelievers, in terms of saying the right thing at the appropriate time.

  • Wisdom comes from God, not the world so we should pray during these interactions, so God can use you and speak through you

  • Make the most of every opportunity, seeing each opportunity as precious


Q. What does ‘redeeming the time’ mean? 

  • Redeeming the time does not merely mean making the most of moments. It means laying hold of, and understanding the special significance of life as a whole. Seeing our whole life as series of opportunities. Each succeeding moment has a specific purpose and special mission and every moment and experience is a part of His divine plan. There aren’t any wasted moments.

  • When we look at life in this way, we will be able to even use our mistakes as opportunities to share and interact with unbelievers, because we reflect, fix up and end up more like Jesus.

  • Sometimes we think of opportunities as something that will happen in the future, when we all have opportunities right now as we are waiting for the bigger picture to reveal itself. None of these moments aren’t insignificant they are all important. When you acknowledge that, you are at peace and realise that you are already ordained by God. Where are I right now is where I need to be.


Q. How might our lives be different if we truly lived life believing that this was true? (Believing that where I am now is where I’m supposed to be)

  • We wouldn’t worry about things, even if things seem bad or not going to our plan, but we will be at peace with all situations.

  • We'd be grateful for every opportunity and therefore have a ridiculous amount of joy.

  • We would have increased excitement because our lives (even the most ordinary activities) will be viewed as part our His plan

  • We would live a purpose filled life

  • God would use us because we would be useable (not caught up in our own stuff)

  • Our blessings will increase in terms of us being blessed and being a blessing

  • Our life will inspire others and we will 


Q. How can we change our mindset to enable us to live with this attitude?

  • Pray each morning for God to make every moment count

  • Praying daily handing your will and life into His care.

  • Ask God in every situation what he wants us to do 

  • Pray silent prayers throughout the day 1 min, 3 seconds whatever

  • Be in constant contact with God throughout the day, asking ‘When?’ ‘What?’ ‘Where?’ Instead of focusing on ‘Why?’ and ‘How long?’ 

  • Abraham didn’t ask Why do God. We have to be obedient to God and it will be well with us.

Read Colossians 4:6

"Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one."


Q. How does Paul say we should speak towards unbelievers?


Reference Titus 2:6-8

In a similar way urge the young men to be sensible and self-controlled and to behave wisely [taking life seriously]. And in all things, show yourself to be an example of good works, with purity in doctrine [having the strictest regard for integrity and truth], dignified, sound and beyond reproach in instruction, so that the opponent [of the faith] will be shamed, having nothing bad to say about us.


Our character, conduct and our words are of paramount importance; speak with grace and with a gentle spirit. Jesus knew how to speak to people, regardless of who they were, He would cater His message to them, so they would understand and relate. He made his interactions relevant, personalised, kind and not condemning.


We are the salt and light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16)

Salt is purifying but also brings out flavour. Food without salt is bland, tasteless and unmemorable. God wants us to be the opposite of this!


Meditate on this verse (below) every day this week, praying that God will make every moment of our lives count each day, and everything that we do once we wake up. 




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